57 – Building Out Your Interior: Be Careful Of These Easy-To-Avoid Disasters!

Good morning and welcome to Episode 57 of The LeaseSmart Commercial Real Estate Podcast, brought to you by LeaseSmart.com. Your host is Craig Melby, the founder of LeaseSmart, whose objective is to find companies the best facilities and get them the best terms, making their business more profitable and less vulnerable to future, unpredictable circumstances.

In today’s episode Craig walks us through the process of doing an interior build out. There is a huge amount of variation with the space you’re leasing.

It could be turn key, which would be the most simple scenario. This means that the space meets your needs and you can move in.

Or, there might be a work letter so where you and the landlord plan very specific changes to the space together. The landlord will usually want to ensure quality work is done to the space. You’ll probably have a tenant improvement contribution to work with. Craig’s advice is to make sure you keep an eye on that figure.

On the other end of spectrum your space could be a raw shell, giving you a lot of work to do. Make sure you know what is provided here.

Watch out for surprise fees in your lease like Impact Fees. Impact fees offset the cost to the municipality of the added burden of your business to the infrastructure: traffic, utility expansion, etc.

Give Craig a call if you’d like to learn more. He can be reached at 800-962-2419. Thanks for tuning in and have a fantastic day!

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