52 – Learn the Intricacies of Lease Commencement vs Rent Commencement to Maximize Your Free Rent Period

Good morning and welcome to Episode 52 of The LeaseSmart Commercial Real Estate Podcast, brought to you by LeaseSmart.com. Your host is Craig Melby, the founder of LeaseSmart, whose objective is to find companies the best facilities and get them the best terms, making their business more profitable and less vulnerable to future, unpredictable circumstances.

In today’s episode Craig wants to teach you how to negotiate as much free rent as possible on your next lease. It’s important to understand the difference between lease commencement and rent commencement. The lease commencement date is when you acquire the property and when you begin working on the site, getting permits and moving in. The rent commencement date is when you start paying rent.

With good negotiations, you can schedule your rent commencement date to be several months AFTER your lease commencement date, allowing for the preparations required prior to your opening. It’s good to know what you can ask for and how to ask for it!

Give him a call if you’d like to learn more. He can be reached at 800-962-2419. Thanks for tuning in and have a fantastic day!

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