50 – When You Can Leave the Parking and Traffic Behind . . . and Do MORE Business!!

Good morning and welcome to Episode 50 of The LeaseSmart Commercial Real Estate Podcast, brought to you by LeaseSmart.com. Your host is Craig Melby, the founder of LeaseSmart, whose objective is to find companies the best facilities and get them the best terms, making their business more profitable and less vulnerable to future, unpredictable circumstances.

In this episode Craig examines a case study of a donut shop finding the perfect new location. This donut shop was located in a tourist town, right on Main Street. It was nice inside; it had plenty of available parking and plenty of drive-by traffic. Sounds great, right?

Well, this particular donut shop had the opportunity to move right up the road into a new location. The new location was right in the center of all the action, so to speak. There was more pedestrian traffic. What does this mean? It means people are already out of their cars! What a recipe for success for this donut shop! They’ve increased their sales 300%, which is incredible!

What does this case study mean for you and your business? Craig invites you to ask yourself if your business wouldn’t thrive even more in a pedestrian area near an anchor tenant. Give him a call if you’d like to learn more. He can be reached at 800-962-2419. Thanks for tuning in and have a fantastic day!

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