41 – Thinking About Opening a Location in India? Here is the Latest

Hello, and welcome to Episode 41 of The LeaseSmart Commercial Real Estate Podcast, brought to you by LeaseSmart.com. Your host is Craig Melby, the founder of LeaseSmart, whose objective is to find companies the best facilities and get them the best terms, making their business more profitable and less vulnerable to future, unpredictable circumstances.

Today Craig welcomes special guest Abhijith Shashidhar, a partner with the D&A Corporation to discuss the growing manufacturing market in India. India has a good, long-held reputation as a great site for the service industry. Now they are ramping up a huge campaign to be a great manufacturing option as well.

Listen in to learn about the global market and how to strategize a move to India. Thanks for tuning in!

Helpful Links:

Learn more about D&A Corporation by typing “da-corp.in” into your browser.

Abhijith Shashidhar may be reached by e-mail at: abhijith@da-corp.in or by calling:
M: +91 9663988966
P: +91 80 4120 2347

For more information, be sure to visit LeaseSmart.com

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