37 – Lease Negotiation Tips from Expert Greg Schenk

Hello, and welcome to Episode 37 of the Corporate Real Estate Podcast, brought to you by LeaseSmart.com. Your host is Craig Melby, the founder of LeaseSmart, whose objective is to find companies the best facilities and get them the best terms, making their business more profitable and less vulnerable to future, unpredictable circumstances.

Today Craig welcomes special guest Greg Schenk with The Schenk Company, Inc. Greg Schenk has been in business of consulting and advising tenants, buyers, and investors for 30 years. And, for 20 years he has been teaching and speaking and training toward these same goals. He works with every property type, helping others learn about acquisition in order to become financial secure.

The typical client is referred to him by their attorney or banker and it’s often due to some sort of strategic problem with their lease because. Perhaps they didn’t have a plan from the beginning and now they need help. 80% of people that he works with renew their existing lease; so, it’s not usually about relocation. What it is about is getting help to reduce their lease cost. He offers a ‘no cost’ service to assess their renewal needs, operating expenses or CAM fees.

This is great information. Thanks for tuning in!

Links for Today’s Show:

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Or you can reach Greg Schenk by pasting these URLs in your browser: http://schenkseminars.com/
or by calling (614) 496-2715 or emailing greg (AT) columbusofficespace (DOT) com.

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